Meet the CQLP team

The CQLP Team


The Office

Loretta Hughes - Procurement and Marketing Manager

Helen Rowe - Data Officer

Kath Dymond - Finance Officer

Office Opening Hours : Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm; Wed 9.30am-2.30pm

The CQLP Directors

Christopher Delbridge

Christopher Delbridge - Chairman

Christopher & his wife Linda farm at Menheniot, Liskeard. The farm is mainly grass, with barley and maize grown to feed the beef cattle for finishing. They also have a flock of 400 breeding ewes, mainly New Zealand Romney cross, with all lambs and beef finished and sold through CQLP. The business has appreciated the benefits of marketing through CQLP - being able to book stock in and leave the placing of stock to the office.

Robert Trudgian

Robert Trudgian - Vice Chairman

Robert farms 350 acres at Lockengate in mid Cornwall in partnership with his wife Sandra and they have a son and daughter. The farm is all grass and has a suckler cow herd of 90 cows, mainly Friesian x Hereford, and some pedigree Charolais. A flock of 160 Suffolk cross mule ewes is also kept with all lambs being sold through the group. Robert has been a member since 2001 and believes that with evermore pressure on margins due to increasing input costs, co-operation in marketing is vital.

James Moon

James Moon - Director

James is a farmer director of 300 acres. He has been an organic farmer for 15 years with 35 cows - fattening all the progeny. He also runs 300 breeding sheep finishing all the stock as well as 200 store lambs. The farm is mostly permanent grassland with a small acreage of barley for heme feed.

Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman - Director

Peter and wife Rachel farm 550 acres in North Cornwall. Their enterprise consists of one of the largest Pedigree Aberdeen Angus herds in the South West with 150 pedigree cows. 300 Exlana wool shedding ewes are also kept. Peter has been a Director of CQLP since 2005.

Sue Body

Sue Body - Director

Sue keeps pedigree Poll Dorset sheep and Tamworth pigs on 85 acres near Liskeard. She runs the farm mostly on her own with help from her husband at the weekends and some night shifts at lambing time. They have been there 21 years so are still newcomers! She has been a director for 6 years and is very pleased to see CQLP progress and develop.

Ashley Masters

Ashley Masters - Director

Ashley is a dairy and beef farmer in the Camel valley, north Cornwall. Other enterprises on his family farm include tourism and fishing. All the produce from the farm is sold through farmer controlled co-operatives. Ashley has seen first hand how such organisations thrive in Europe and North America and passionately believes that British farmers should take control of their produce beyond the farm gate, possibly investing in areas such as processing.

James Mutton

James Mutton - Director

James Mutton farms at Burlerrow Farm; the farm is just over 750 acres and most of it is organic. The farm comprises of beef cows and sheep, selling beef and lamb locally throughout the year through the group. He also grows organic cereals and potatoes which are sold to various outlets. Nearly 100 acres of miscanthus is grown on the farm which is used for horse bedding and also other miscanthus crops are bought from neighbouring farmers.

Ashley Rowe

Ashley Rowe - Director

Ashley Rowe runs a mixed farm in partnership with his Father at Trewint Farm, Menheniot. The main Enterprise on the farm is the Herd of Pedigree south devon cattle he also has early lambing flock of Suffolk mules and grows cereals.

Steve Lyne - Director

Steve Lyne Farms in the Glynn Valley between Bodmin and Liskeard. His farm is a mixed beef and sheep farm.







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